Doing The Work

Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better.

Dr. Maya Angelou, American Poet

Engaging in the work to truly bring understanding, compassion, and growth to our culture–full of oppressive systems, an anti-intellectual sentiment, echo chambers, and disengagement–is intense and personal. To be successful, we must self-reflect. We must challenge our own biases and assumptions. We must engage with those who are different than us. And, to be honest, that applies to everyone.

I’ve been on my own journey to understanding for a long time now and there is no way I know all the answers! Instead, what I think I do best at is helping others on their journey. Individuals. Organizations. Holding up uncomfortable mirrors that challenge, causing cognitive dissonance (a term to describe the difficulty that we have holding two competing values/ideas at the same time), and spurring growth and action.

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Read What You Watch

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Why Saying “Sleepy Joe” Reinforces Ableism

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“Danger Will Robinson!”

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