What I Offer

It would be my pleasure to work with you and your organization, college, or university to develop meaningful programs and services to reach desired populations.

My expertise areas:

  • acknowledging and examining social justice concepts within privileged groups
  • gender and gender identity (specialization in men and masculinities)
  • sexual identity
  • recognizing, addressing, and preventing discrimination based on gender and/or sexuality
  • social justice foundations (managing multiple identities, power, privilege)
  • recognizing, addressing, and preventing sexual violence, relationship violence, and sexual harassment (programs meet Title IX, VAWA, Campus SaVE Act requirements)
  • critical media literacy and the ways our media influences the way we think and believe

Workshops and Presentations
All workshops and presentations are adaptable to fit the needs of your organization. Please contact me regarding any needs you have and I promise to work with you regarding budget, time, and other logistics!

Dear White People: We Must Do Better
An interactive, discussion-based, reflective workshop where individuals who hold racial privilege can explore myths and barriers to development of a more anti-racist paradigm, converting this to taking action. NOTE: This workshop can be altered to focus on any privileged identity I hold (race, gender, social class).

Foundations of Social Justice: Oppression, Power, and Privilege
This workshop asks participants to reflect on their own identities in relation to power and access, helping to come to understand that holding multiple identities may present us with opportunities to connect and understand others’ lived experiences.

The Man Box: Problematizing Today’s Masculinity
This interactive workshop helps participants examine social constructions of today’s masculinity and the outcomes that conformity to these norms can produce.

Preventing Sexual and Relationship Violence: It Starts With Us
Designed as a lecture, this presentation examines masculine gender norms as foundations for sexual and relationship violence and helps men to take positive steps to alter their environments and take an active role in addressing this issue. This lecture is intended for men but can be adapted for mixed populations.

Living and Surviving in Archie Bunker’s Neighborhood
This experiential workshop encourages participants to create the “ideal community;” however, they must work within the system to do so, a system modeled after structural inequality. After the simulated activity, small group and large group debriefing helps connect basic social justice concepts. This program works best with groups over 25.

What the Movies Tell Us About _____________
Using principles of critical cultural studies, this lecture is customizable to your groups’ needs. Includes film clips and interactive text polling.

Dispelling Myths and Breaking Stereotypes: Introduction to LGBTQIA Populations
This primer, complete with storytelling, helps participants examine their own biases regarding individuals within the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, intersexual, and asexual populations. Participants leave the program with action steps for future growth and development. This program is fully customizable based upon the population.

A Voice of Support: Recognizing and Responding to Anti-LGBTQ Bullying
Designed for educators, this workshop helps participants understand the short-term and long-term impact of harassment and bullying on LGBTQ youth populations. Participants leave the session with action steps to take when confronted with this problem.

College Hook-up Culture and Sexual Violence: Are There Links?
Designed for college and university educators, this workshop helps identify key factors that may predict sexually-violent behaviors including alcohol consumption, adult-oriented media, and a culture that encourages emotionally-disconnected sexual behavior. This program can be adapted for college students in single-gendered or mixed-gendered populations. Meets Title IX requirements for continued educational programming.

Why Are We Always Talking About Consent? Why Communication is Vital to Sex and Relationships
Designed for new college and university students, this interactive lecture presents nuts and bolts information necessary for making healthy sexual choices including: hook-up culture pressures, understanding and communicating consent as a foundation of respectful relationships, and effective interventions for bystanders and friends in a non-threatening, easy-to-follow manner. Meets Title IX, VAWA, and Campus SaVE Act requirements for new student programming.

Direct Consultation
I can visit you and help you address central questions, meet with constituents, and provide detailed recommendations. Rates are negotiable based on time required.

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