Professional Qualifications

Marywood University, Scranton, Pennsylvania
Ph.D. Human Development (Specialization: Higher Education Administration)
Graduated August 2014

Dissertation Topic: Conformity to Masculine Gender Norms as Predictors of Subtle Rape Myth Belief

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Graduate Certificate: Diversity, Social Justice, and Inclusion
Completed in August 2016
Courses include: Power and Privilege, Gender and Sexuality, Religion and Social Justice, Race in America

West Chester University, West Chester, Pennsylvania
M.S. Counseling: Higher Education
Graduated May 2003

Independent Research: Suicide Risk Factors in the Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youth Population

Lebanon Valley College, Annville, Pennsylvania
B.A. Psychology (Developmental/Experimental) and English
Graduated May 2001


Kelly, G. (2020). Rape myths in Internet-based MSM pornography: Men who are with men are still men. In F. Jacobs (Ed.). Pornography: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. New York, NY: Peter Lang Publishing.

Kelly, G. (2019). Lesbian invisibility continued: The “straight-washing” of Southern women in The Color Purple and Fried Green Tomatoes. Book chapter submitted to B. M. Jack (Ed.) Southern History on Screen: Race and Rights, 1976-2016. Lexington, KY: University of Kentucky Press.

Kelly, G. (2016). Perry as Madea: Homophobia gets a pass when it’s a man in a dress. In B. C. Johnson (Ed.) The Problematic Tyler Perry. New York, NY: Peter Lang Publishing.

Kelly, G. (2015). Kurt and Blaine: New sexual scripts for gay youth. In B.C. Johnson & D. K. Faill (Eds.) Glee and “New Directions” for social change.  Boston, MA: Sense Publishers.

Saddler, T. N., Kelly, E., and Strayhorn, T. (2013). Black doctoral students’ identities: Intersections of race, class, and gender. In T. Strayhorn (Ed.) Living at the intersections: Social identities and Black collegians. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Kelly, G. (3 Jun 2013). They taught me more… ACPA Commission for Social Justice Educator’s blog. Available at

Kelly, G. (27 May 2013). Hegemonic masculinities and adult entertainment: Fighting reinforcement. ACPA Standing Committee on Men and Masculinities blog. Available at:

Teaching Experience

Lecturer, Higher Education Administration
DeSales University
August 2020-Present
Introduction to Higher Education, College Student Development: Theories and Applications

Instructor (visiting, one-year)      
Marywood University
August 2021-August 2022

General Psychology, Contemporary Approaches to Learning, Child Development (undergraduate and graduate), Advanced Studies in Gender and Sexuality (doctoral), Psychology in Film, Developmental Psychology, Personality Theory (undergraduate, graduate/doctoral), Human Development (graduate), Advanced Studies in Gender and Sexuality (doctoral)

Lecturer, Psychology and Counseling
arywood University
August 2010-August 2021
General Psychology, Developmental Psychology (undergraduate and graduate), Psychology of Adolescence, Social Psychology (undergraduate and graduate), Personality Psychology, Psychology in Film, Multicultural Issues in Psychology (doctoral)

Instructor, Student Affairs in Higher Education
August 2017-May 2018
Kutztown University
Theory and Application of Student Development Theories, Assessment and Evaluation, Research Methods, Contemporary College Students

Instructor, Psychology
August 2017-May 2019
East Stroudsburg University
General Psychology, Measurement and Evaluation, Infant and Childhood Development

Adjunct Instructor
Lafayette College
August 2013-May 2015
Gender, Sexuality, and the Media, Masculinities in Media

Intern, Higher Education Administration Program Office
Marywood University
August-December 2012

Co-instructor  Law and Policy in Higher Education (graduate and doctoral)

Adjunct Instructor of English
Lackawanna College—Honesdale Center
January-May 2010
 Basic Writing Skills, Reading for College, Fundamentals of Writing

Adjunct Instructor of American Studies
Lebanon Valley College
August 2005-May 2008
Gender and Sexual Minorities in American Culture, Multiculturalism and the American Identity

Professional Experience

Dean of Student Life/Interim Dean of Student Life
East Stroudsburg University

January 2019-March 2021

Acting Director of New Student Programs
East Stroudsburg University

March 2019-March 2021

Associate Dean of Intercultural Development/Director of Gender and Sexuality Programs
Lafayette College

July 2012-June 2015

Associate/Assistant Director of Student Activities
Lebanon Valley College

July 2004-August 2008

Residential Life Coordinator/Coordinator of LGBTQ Programs and Services
Lehigh University

July 2003-June 2004

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