On Charleston…

It’s unfathomable to me. I just don’t quite understand–how can someone make a conscious choice to enter a house of worship and systematically annihilate those inside? What is it about this person, in some ways similar to me, White and male, that sees difference as such a threat? Extrapolating interactions that he may have witnessed or experienced and applying them to every Black individual is just a symptom of a much larger issue. If his intention was to instill fear in a whole community–then he is a terrorist. If his polluted mind was instead seeking revenge for some perceived slight–then he is vehemently wrong, but, no, he is not a terrorist. My thoughts go to all of those who are experiencing the fallout of this man’s actions, to those who struggle in the fight to bring about peace and understanding, and, especially, to the family and friends of the victims of this unconscionable attack.

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